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Nanodio — Research EP Cover Art

— Research EP

Released 10 February 2012 on Rauscharm Recordings / rschrm04

About 'Research EP'

Nanodio presents his three powerful tracks on Rauscharm, whereby it is not hard to hear his goa-tic background in his tracks.
The production took its time; every detail, from the writing up to the mastering, was done in a precise manner.

“Back In” pulls you in, its fresh and concurrently complex sounds let you focus on them, this track shows definitely the producing ability of this man.
In “Schade” yet again a stomping bass and kick take their place, Nanodio’s trademark; and beside this oldskool appearing sounds, which are in detailed consideration really actual.
“Under The Ground” is straight forward, with a kickin’ bass, whirling sounds and a lot of transitions.

Mastering by Xabbo, Artwork by Marc Lärsson.

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