Werner Kitzmüller Trio — Carla Cover Art

— Carla

Released 19 April 2010 on Beatismurder / Bim21

About 'Carla'

Most of you will probably remember Werner's "Proximity" EP, one of Beatismurder Netlabel's critically most acclaimed releases ever.
This superhuman voice, that suddenly popped out of nowhere and seemingly disappeared again, and many people wondered where Werner has been hiding since the release of the EP named above.

Only seemingly, because Mr. Kitzmüller clendestinely and perpetually worked on his musical vision, that rather seems like a scheme to take over the world of pop culture:

Not only has he been playing a lot of shows, he also released a really amazing 7" record on Valeot Records and will finally release his first full-length album later this year.

What's more? Werner Kitzmüller met likeminded musicians, namely Alexandr Vatagin und David Schweighart (Tupolev, Slon, Port-Royal) and formed the soon-to-be famous Werner Kitzmüller Trio.

"Carla" is the voucher of how well these three people harmonize together. It's a recording of one of their infamous live shows. And it's also a sign of very big things to come: The "real" WKT album. Bring it on!


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