The Mannkeyz — Loss On The Imagine Channel Cover Art

— Loss On The Imagine Channel

Released 27 December 2011 (All day) on Dystopiaq / dystopiaq028

About 'Loss On The Imagine Channel'

Dystopiaq is proud to present the new release from The Mannkeyz. Abstract beats, illbient scapes, and some new faces.

Artist: The Mannkeyz
Title: Loss On The Imagine Channel
Release: dystopiaq028
Date: December 27, 2011
Genre: Abstract, Illbient, Hip-Hop

1. mix-toor – The Mannkeyz Channel
2. htrspltn – LSD Radio
3. Rozzy –We Are All Children Of God
4. Oh! Dee – Through The Wires
5. Az Matter – Expansion
6. Solarr – Mell0w
7. Rozzy – Zoutcost
8. mix-toor – Add Ge
9. htrspltn – My Brain Has Had It
10.Oh! Dee – White Girls Theme
11.Az Matter – Calm Mind
12.Rozzy – Sommalove
13.mix-toor – Imagine Of Media
14.Solarr – Not Here Anymore
15.htrspltn – Hype And Sick
16.Oh! Dee – BlueBit (+ Max Tovstyi)
17.Az Matter – Midnight Road
18.mix-toor – Willow (+RetroKilla)
19.Solarr – You Have Me
20.Rozzy – Onmywayhome
21.htrspltn – A Room Between The Rooms
22.mix-toor – Moving Forward (Secret DNA)
23.Rozzy – Lighttpd
24.Az Matter – Game Over
25.htrspltn – Ohrwurm

All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by The Mannkeyz
Artwork by m-one

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