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Florist — Situation EP Cover Art

— Situation EP

Released 5 December 2011 on Rauscharm Recordings / rschrm02

About 'Situation EP'

The second release on Rauscharm Recordings is from Florian Stützer.

Situation EP represent his musical understanding, which is minimal and complex at the same time. The randomness in Florist’s creations can not be ignored, it determines his style. The tracks on this release are all forward pushing, for example the track “Moving Life”: It’s a minimal-like walk through life. “Pino” is a happy and and funny piece of music animating to dance, just as “I Like Sundays” is: this song whirls acid sounds around, like it has to be.

Florist is also part of the project derkutscherundseingaul. After many releases on other labels, he decided to contribute to this young netlabel.
Track covers are made by Ceyhun Karaman.

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