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Mauss — Perestrojka  Cover Art

— Perestrojka

Released 31 July 2011 on Ephedrina Netlabel / EPH006

About 'Perestrojka '

Spaceship music directly from Salerno!
Recorded and arranged in 1 week at the Luma Studio this is the 1st release of MAUSS with Ephedrina.

1) Can-Sa'CT
2) Mud
3) No(i)se
4) Via MIDI
5) Teleplastia
6) (H)e(l)lbowing
7) Newborn
8) Megarace
9) Megarace on pills
11)Snaut 2
12)Snaut 3
13)Chocolate Barbie
14)A horrible charge
15)A horrible return
16)Walking frame
17)Eyes of Caligo
18)Heavy and liquid
19)I speak

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