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Christian Muela — Didjeribile  Cover Art

— Didjeribile

Released 27 June 2011 on Ephedrina Netlabel / EPH005

About 'Didjeribile '

Christian Muela now lives in Rome, before the Eternal City He was living in Bari and Bergamo, 8 years ago He started play Didjeridoo, searching for a way to paste ancient instrument in our society today, in particular He is focused in contemporary music production through primitive tecnologies.
Beyond music, my reaserch involve visual sphere, obtained by elaboration of performance and sculpture
Actually i began a project where primitive sounds meets contemporary sounds through a melting pot by didjeridoo, guitar and electronic: this project its call AN EINEN BAUM.
His artistic project are focused in sharing of art and different shapes of “expression” through perfomance, designing sculptures and installations.

02_in TRO
04_Frogs Ballad
06_Didjscratching box
07_Five Spaces
08_Out Roots

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