Aqosto — Blurred Paints EP Cover Art

— Blurred Paints EP

Released 22 February 2011 on Trippin' The Rift Records / TTRR004

About 'Blurred Paints EP'

"A dreamy beat starts to permeate. A serene cat wags its tail in time to the beat. Everything falls into place. The order of the universe becomes a plot on a timeline, set to go off at a precise moment to coincide with the music.
Trip-hop and chillout meld with ambient to create six delightful tracks. Samples are spliced throughout to add a human aspect as the grooves bring a smile to your face. The programming is very well done and entertaining. A new lies around every corner to keep you strapped in on this placid boat ride through a tunnel of acrylics and watercolors. They splash against the boat, painting a tapestry of color that wriggles and sways with the music.
Aqosto have created a very enjoyable EP that speaks to all walks of life. Everyone should be able to find something they like and shout it from the mountaintops."
- sethmol, Sethmol Recordings

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