FuturNari — Another Unlikely Hero II  Cover Art

— Another Unlikely Hero II

Released 29 July 2011 on Pxl-Bot / PB029

About 'Another Unlikely Hero II '

"The second of our birthday-based joy-spreading releases is this time coming from the talents of the brilliant FuturNari.

Beautifully crafted songs with melodies as equally captivating, FuturNari delivers another slice of genuine chiptune gold through his sequel to the previously mind-altering-ly good release ‘Another Unlikely Hero’. Having come a huge amount of distance in terms of compositional skill since then, this time round FuturNari delivers a focused sucker punch in the form of five meticulously pieced together works.

Drawing obvious influences from many sides of the chiptune square, ‘Another Unlikely Hero II’ results in a truly unique set of sounds and styles sure to leave you moving your body for half of the journey, and captivated via melodical influence the other. We hope you enjoy another Grade A offering from the brilliant FuturNari as much as we did!!" The Pxl-Bot

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