Infirm Individual — The Best Of 2009-2011: King Lightmare Cover Art

— The Best Of 2009-2011: King Lightmare

Released 21 June 2011 on God's Underground Frequency Terminal / GUFT003

About 'The Best Of 2009-2011: King Lightmare'

"What should I say? This is my stuff. [GUFT002] and [GUFT003] are outta there on our sweet, little GUFT-Netlabel. I decided this morning to tinker this two Best Of'z together. And now I'm done. One is covering The Dark Past (03-09) of my project Infirm Individual, it is experimental Noise and underground Grindcore - something like that. Don't get damaged, my friends. You can read something about the history of my work in the virtual bad-English-booklet. I hope you enjoy it. The other compilation contains my newest material, it's called The New Age (09-11), it is electronic music with a lot of 8-Bit-magic. I can't describe it actually. I don't know what I should say anyway, because these two releases are containing so much memories, so much of my damn blood. It's some sort of my life-work.

I don't want to spoil my own poo poo, but I do: This is hot underground shit, folks. Serious heart-work. Just for you. Have fun with it. I'm a little bit melancholic now. Wow. I will drink some wine now and will hug my dusty NES-Console, while hearing Burzum or Aborted." - God

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