GroNaZz — Les Expériences Quotidiennes .01 Cover Art

— Les Expériences Quotidiennes .01

Released 22 June 2011 on Chase Records / chase042

About 'Les Expériences Quotidiennes .01'

For Chase 042, french artist, GroNaZz, offers us 11 sound UFOs. These incredible experimental audio works, combining ambient, noise, abstract, industrial and drone music consist in free interpretations of the original soundtrack and atmosphere from the motion picture “Blueberry, l’expérience secrète”. GroNaZz gives us here his own vision of shamanism and hallucinogenic matters, just working on the sound structure and acoustics. This album is a deep travel into sound experiments and disturbing landscapes of human imagination. It clearly asks for being listened with a nice pair of headphones.

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