Psymachine — Mathematical Random Experience Cover Art

— Mathematical Random Experience

Released 5 December 2009 (All day) on Cold Fiction Music / CFM006

About 'Mathematical Random Experience'

“Mathematical Random Experience” is our first album, which we started composing in the year 2006 till 2009. Many songs didn’t end on this release. The album begins with kind of melodic progressive trance with a psy twist. In the middle of the album it gets more full on with some variety in mood from positive to darker emotions, but still manage to run through smoothly. 3 cooperation songs are released with permission by the other artists’. Main composer on this album is Toman although some songs are made or influenced by Tenda.

Special thanks go to:

- Pan Psychic for The Dream is Prophecy remix
- Keith303 for “The Masquerade” samples
- Microdots for cooperation on “Kashgar”
- JP Sirviö for front cover background
- Tuomo Komulainen for back cover orange energy twister
- Additional graphics by Tenda and thanks to Ville Jokinemi
- We’d also like to thank all the people who supported us in making this album.

Intro lyrics: “This is psymachine. In the following few moments you will experience the power of mathematics in music. we will take you through liquid landscapes, deliver kaleidoscopic images and sounds from above and beyond. We control the machines, the machines control the sound, the sound controls the human beings. Enjoy your trip.”

Outro lyrics: “This is psy machine. The time has come to settle down from our trip. Hope you enjoyed every bit of it. Shutting down the system in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.”

Have fun with the album! :)

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