Perpetual Motion Food — Kronika pogańska Cover Art

— Kronika pogańska

Released 26 May 2011 on pawlacz perski tapes / ppt16

About 'Kronika pogańska'

As promised, today we provide to our listeners a prominent material of Perpetual Motion Food collective, which – as you probably all know – began a few nice years ago to dismay all listeners raised on tonal music and conservative German folk songs. The idea behind the whole project was free improvisation and experiment, which usually evolved into inscrutable musical forms that loosely correspond to tradition.

Kronika Pogańska (Chronicle of Pagan) is a piece of work of Lech Nienartowicz and Rafał Skonieczny. Lech is responsible for the sound – vast instrumentation, samples, effects and loops, and Rafał for the spoken word and assembly. The result of this collaboration is a mysterious and mesmerizing music… Listen to and reminisce!

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