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Bombus — Inspired By The Nature Cover Art

— Inspired By The Nature

Released 7 August 2009 on Aventuel Music / AVE007

About 'Inspired By The Nature'


A new Ladybird drew the first breath. His name is Bombus. Follow him into the wonderland through time and space, and he will show you many marvelous places. He will tell a tragic story Dracula’s love, will lead by hidden paths to ritual places of Inca’s tribe and will reveal secrets of the Pope dance. You also can try an incendiary mix of trance sequences, ethnic percussion and nature sounds. Hurry up! Bombus is already in the way!

01. Hi, I'm happy chromosome [5:54]
02. Dracula's sorrow (Clean's edit) [4:39]
03. Aren't you clever [feat. Laurie Webb] (Aquanautic remix) [6:58]
04. I'm just scretchin' the surface [4:25]
05. Euphoria [4:36]
06. Dreams in heaven (New version) [5:12]
07. Chromosome race (Pump version) [5:17]
08. Bombus (Da music) [4:17]
09. The Pope dance [4:25]
10. Inca's outhouse megamix [4:49]
11. Sleepwalking [4:07]
12. Amazed by the nature [4:47]
13. Dracula's sorrow at the death of beloved (Original version) [6:52]
14. Dracula's sorrow at the death of beloved (Dark version) [6:08]

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