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Morpheus — Alkemiisto Cover Art

— Alkemiisto

Released 10 June 2009 on Aventuel Music / AVE005

About 'Alkemiisto'


Sometimes we would like to listen to a nighttime fairytale. Something enigmatic, mysterious, maybe sad... We would like to plunge into it and leave all burdens behind to fall asleep and to be a free. "Alkemiisto" is the sad love story of the young alchemist and the princess, whose love differed with the public opinion. The melodies are wrapped by a shroud of mystery and an easy, thoughtful fog of romanticism.

01. Uverturo [1:50]
02. Alkemiisto et princino [M. Abeni, St. Rubyteno] [1:28]
03. Nokte [F. Chopin, St. Rubyteno] [3:12]
04. Carcer [Unknown, St. Rubyteno] [3:21]
05. Requiescat in pace [1:41]
06. Valedictio cum corpus [5:06]
07. Tristitia caeli [J. Bach, St. Rubyteno] [6:44]
08. Amo eterna [3:37]
09. Hymnus [Vangelis, St. Rubyteno] [3:33]
10. In memoriam [A. Corelli, St. Rubyteno] [8:06]
11. Suspiritus primus [2:04]
12. Nova [4:45]
13. Animakulto [A. Corelli, St. Rubyteno] [5:24]
14. Tempus alatus [8:39]

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