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Stanislav Rubyteno — My Dreams Are Clouds Cover Art

— My Dreams Are Clouds

Released 16 July 2008 on Aventuel Music / AVE001

About 'My Dreams Are Clouds'


Pleasant relaxing music with the refined sounding will transfer you the deep feelings from heart, and imaginations from distant corners of the author consciousness. It ideally will do for thought practically on any subject and will help to make you feel necessary wave. It is an excellent way to have a rest from urban fuss.

01. Lullaby [2:01]
02. Fugue [4:11]
03. Impromptu [4:14]
04. Dance under the rainbow [3:29]
05. Icarus [5:13]
06. Stellar requiem [3:03]
07. Secrets of the sea depths [10:35]
08. Wandering whisper [4:48]
09. Nocturnal Cosmos [2:36]
10. Keys to your heart [4:06]
11. Lonely dove [4:19]
12. My dreams [2:11]

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