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Stanislav Rubyteno — Alchemy of the nature Cover Art

— Alchemy of the nature

Released 27 November 2010 on Aventuel Music / AVECD001

About 'Alchemy of the nature'


We forgot ourselves long ago, constantly looking for a miracle around. People has been watching the Nature from time out of mind, looking at its magical transformations: trees easily growing out of seeds and the water made of fancy snowflakes, forming creeks, rivers and oceans. And the most expert masters incarnating magical internals of Love in their masterpieces, coupling millions of hearts all over the world. We forgot about the inseverable bound between the man and the Nature, we forgot about the unity of the world, where evanescent parts are composed into the whole, and the infinities are going together in small. Turn off the light, break open the window and nestle down in your place. Imagine yourself the Creator of the Universe that resides in you. Strip away all daily routine disguises, let yourself feel the joy and sorrow, fun and blues, all the range of feelings of the living Universe. Let the "Alchemy of the Nature" help you feel it.

01. Morning [3:24]
02. Lullaby [1:52]
03. Dance under the rainbow [3:11]
04. Vernal flows [6:43]
05. Secrets of the sea depths [10:02]
06. The alchemist & the princess [5:10]
07. Keys to your heart [4:00]
08. Wandering whisper [4:40]
09. Impromptu [4:03]
10. Icarus [4:24]
11. Serenity [3:58]
12. My dreams [2:08]

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