Various Artists — Kosmoraum Cover Art

— Kosmoraum

Released 4 April 2011 on Circlesandlines Recordings / CANDL37

About 'Kosmoraum'

stanislav rubyteno: the indigo message
bound of reflection: sunbeam busters
afion: not penelope
sternenspringer: treibstoffmasse
alcyon: nachtflug
daologic: splashdown reporter
junior85: for reason, forgotten
tetarise: too far outer space
anri: transparent
xenoton: timeslide (10 years after)
aleksandr zhelanov: stranstvie
sotra: the red heavenly wanderer

this track is part of a joint compilation release celebrating
the 50th anniversary of yuri gagarins first trip into space.
the release is a joint effort of two german (,,
two russian netlabels (,
and two netradio stations (aura radio from,
release concept and all administrative work was taken over by andreas fertig of klangboot radio.
it has been released simultaneously by all four labels on april 5th, 2011.
all music is licensed to the public using creative commons licenses
so feel free to share it according to the cc regulations.

artwork by oleg grachev / ognivo
curated by andreas fertig

created in collaboration with:

release site:

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