The 4Colours — Between Us Cover Art

— Between Us

Released 15 December 2009 (All day) on Mimonot Records / 125

About 'Between Us'

The 4Colours is an insistent combination of melodious piano, charming guitar modulations, leading bass sets and precise drumbeat, enriched with a gentle female vocal.
4 best friends, 4 different points of view, 4 interesting lives and only 1 offbeat band that reflects their hearts and minds.
As a non-commercial project, The 4Colours can be seen mostly in the internet and on the stages of Russia + on some CDs in their hometown. They write their music for the people like them: young, hopeful and romantic sometimes.
First studio song recorded by The 4Colours, Rebecca, has taken the 1st position in Number One TOP weekly on radio MAXIMUM for more than 3 months! After that Gala Moiseenkova (vocal, piano, lyrics) got the award as the "Best female vocalist" of the year 2009.

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