Indie-ya — L'or Cover Art

— L'or

Released 2 February 2010 (All day) on Mimonot Records / 001

About 'L'or'

The Ukraine-based band Indie-ya (Інді.я) was formed in 2008. The group mixes their love for Indian and French cultures in their music. Indie-ya’s style is best described as indie-pop with a touch of Indian music, original vedic mantras, and French lyrics, all written by lead vocalist Kateryna Rokova. Indie-ya members play traditional eastern instruments like sitar, fisharmonium, tabla, mridanga, and karatals along with the ones of western origin, like keyboards, guitar, ukulele, and glockenspiel. The unique combination of the two creates their signature sound. Indie-ya songs are about love and heartbreak, friendship and war, dreams and dreamers. All musicians in the band are vegetarians. During 2009 the band recorded their debut album Divine under the working title, which is coming out soon. In January 2010 Indie-ya released the debut music video L’or.

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