Tree Bosier — Lonely on the moon Cover Art

— Lonely on the moon

Released 5 November 2009 (All day) on Mimonot Records / 127

About 'Lonely on the moon'

Tree, Bosier: Pavel Parakhonich - drum-machine Maksim Anan’ev - guitar Aleksei Rusinov - synthesizers - more information about Tree, Bosier We've been making music for three years for now, combining a few different styles. Usually in clubs we play house music and people seem to really enjoy us. Our live performances and studio work are pretty different things. During the live show we improvise a lot using analog synthesizers and electric guitar. Much of our music comes into being at the moment when it’s performed live – and we’re not afraid of that, either! We’re glad that the people who come to our gigs enter willingly into a special atmosphere. It’s the kind of mood where you don’t want to chatter, or shout things out. In studio we mostly use Ableton Live 7.0.3, audio-interface Echo audiofire 4, Microkorg, Korg ER-1, Korg EA-1, Korg MS-20, electric guitar, vst-plugins by «Arturia» and «NI» which are: Minimoog, Moog modular, Vokator, Analog-factory. We also use Waves platinum 9 for compression, EQ, mastering etc. - more information about Tree, Bosier

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