Teacups — Songs about Yarn Cover Art

— Songs about Yarn

Released 9 July 2010 on Rack & Ruin records / RRR183

About 'Songs about Yarn'

As people who have followed Rack & Ruin for a while will know, I've always been more of a fan of hearing what the artist makes of their release, rather than overusing phrases to try and define what it is that I am taking in. A listeners experience is unique, and ideally shouldn't be masked by some empty words written by those who aren't involved. With that, here are the thoughts of Teacups...

"The title-track "Songs about Yarn in B-flat" which makes up the most of "Songs about Yarn - EP" is little bits and pieces of me (Richie) throughout the last three or four years of my life. Written with no intent of being shown to others, all parts were originally created and performed on a looped violin. Being consumed by these little snippets of music which I had created loop after loop, I became interested in music composition beyond the repeating four measures.

Through the help of friends and learning everything I could about music orchestration in a very short amount of time, I was eventually able to convince the KKHS Symphonic Band to give these songs a shot. Once discovering people, a symphonic band nonetheless!, would play music I wrote, I then spent every hour working on 'connecting' these snippets, not having them bound by repetition yet still expressing the things I liked about the loop pedal, and then finally, writing out a song created entirely on a violin, loop pedal, and octave changer, to fit a symphonic band set up (which I might add does not have a string section), so... notation, notation, notation..."

And back to myself to sum up, this is refreshing computer generated music with two sides - SNES and N64 repeating the tracks on the previous side, in exciting wonderous ways.

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