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pritone label

Live sounding releases. Real Indie
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Ultra Vague

Ultra Vague is tending to present all the best trends in modern pop and underground music.
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Trippin' The Rift Records

Come and get your trip-hop
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Abracadabra Recordings

Abracadabra Recordings is an independent multi-genre music internet-label. The project has been run in 2009 and its aim is to unite a great amount of different music styles, moods and cultures under the "one roof" and make the real abra-cadabra.
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Memoryformat is electronic beats and melodies stored on memory, be it human neurons or computer chips. - Konsum Productions Logotype - Konsum Productions

a small jena/thuringia based netlabel

Stigae Music

STIGAE MUSIC is a international netlabel currently operating from Varna and Sofia (Bulgaria), and Berlin (Germany). It was founded in 2003 by Dr. Osmo, Oppidan and Georg Hekt. It hosts some quality electro-acoustic sound experiments by interesting independent artists from a few different countries.
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Bushmen Records

Arising from the South African digital bush our mission is to be a platform for underground South African musical artists to showcase and release their music to the world. The music is released for free, to share with everyone. This movement is what is commonly known as a Netlabel and you are now at the forefront of the South African netlabel revolution.
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Liminal RECS

Liminal Recs is a Russian electronic net-label that delivers various indie music with ever-increasing quality - ambient, experimental, idm, trip-hop, downtempo, minimal, dark ambient, noise, and others. Label is also known for the "Liminality" - the Silent Hill inspired album series where composers make music inspired by the works of Akira Yamaoka for Silent Hill.