tokyo trauma

tokyo trauma location — Berlin
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About netlabel

This is a platform for those of my friends I consider as artists.

Artists who, if they were looking for an answer to the question "why couldn't I come up with any of those contracts signed on a mahogany desk until now" would only find one reason: variety.

Variety in an "oh no, i should do some more of those so-and-so sounding/looking pieces, but last week I discovered that … and so on"-way. You could call it inconclusiveness but I don't like that word at all.

tokyo trauma releases

Die Wiederholung der Geschichte der amerikanischen Heimatlosigkeit
by Grischa Lichtenberger


Control Retreat Resign
by Trixie Stalker


Technopanda Steinhagen – 5 Yrs Trauma
by Various Artists

Electronic Rock Ambient

live 28may2004
by Brokk

Noise Hip-Hop Metal

3 Beauties Cut Up
by Trixie Stalker

Minimal Techno

You Are What's Happening Baby (Demo)
by Rockoufit

Rock Electronic

by Constant

Ambient Glitch Electronic

by What's Left

Pop Electronic

Lonestar CS
by Trixie Stalker

Electronic Pop

What's Left EP
by What's Left

Pop Electronic

Melody Ram
by Trixie Stalker