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Stomoxine records

Stomoxine records location — France
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About netlabel

Stomoxine Records is an independent netlabel proposing a music based on experiment and improvisation. It refuses to give a musical style to the proposed pieces.
All the works of the catalog are deposited under a free Creative Commons license. You are thus invited to download, to copy and to distribute around you all the pieces for FREE and LAWFULLY.


Stomoxine records releases

Às Vezes Sempre
by George Christian

Pop Experimental Folklore

Stray Dog
by Noir

Dark Ambient Post Rock Noise

02 juillet 2004
by Johnapane & Shape2

Experimental Noise

15oct09 Thoux
by drcdrc

Ambient Electronica Noise

by Phoneyusa

Noise Indie Rock

10 Greatest Hits !
by tusK

Noise Electronica

by Monobloc Sound Fidelity

Electronic Noise

Entrance Room
by Jean D.L.

Noise Drone

Songs for a week
by eOLe

Pop Post Rock Noise

by Diatribes

Jazz Experimental

Hayleen Lömi
by Puff & Duff

Post Rock Experimental