Soft Phase

Soft Phase location — Nordic
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About netlabel

Soft Phase is a new netlabel, which distribute freely downloadable, Creative Commons licensed music on the internet. We aim to seek and provide you with exclusive releases of quality music, from artists who are dedicated and passionate about their work, without staring the genres too much. We try not to retain focus on any specific style of music, whether it’d be electronic or acoustic. Please do not expect us to put out releases too often, artists need their time to sculpt their art. And releases need their space to breathe. We are not lazy thou. :)

Soft Phase releases

From The Endless Auburn
by Coax

Ambient Orcestral

by Planet Boelex

Ambient Electronica

Another Quiet Winter
by NCThompson

Ambient Electronic

by Bad Loop

IDM Electronic

At The End Of It All
by Carl Sagan’s Ghost

Ambient Soundscape

Farewell Anthology
by Muhr


by Mosaik

IDM Electronic

Nothing Is Everything When Everything Is Nothing
by Transient

IDM Ambient Electronic

The Sixteenth Hour


Forlorn Memories
by Chris Tenz


Artifacts And Discovery
by Coax

Ambient Experimental

Water Rock
by Lokua

Ambient Deep

Directors Cut
by Mikael Fyrek

Ambient Space

Little World
by Planet Boelex And Lisa’s Antenna