post global recordings

post global recordings location — Macedonia
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About netlabel

A new platform for music and sound focused on ambient, drone, field recordings, post classical and other similar aesthetic forms. This website will also have a function of small gallery for artistic photography and art, exhibiting artworks from different artists.

post global recordings releases

Winter Missions
by Rhucle

Ambient Field Recordings

by Dmitri Zherbin

Ambient Drone

Past Present
by Fahmi Mursyid

Ambient Modern Classical Experimental

ToBeContinued… 2017
by Amplidyne Effect & Toni Dimitrov

Ambient Soundscape Field Recordings

by Luís Antero

Ambient Drone

Bigorski Sessions
by Hunter/Gatherer

Ambient Drone

by Toni Dimitrov / Jared Sagar


Armature double
by Grande Oceaan


by Jared Sagar

Ambient Drone Field Recordings

Collab 10
by Sound_00 + Lefterna

Ambient Drone

by post global duo

Ambient Drone Modern Classical

by Curmudgeon

Ambient Soundscape Drone

Blue & Green
by DR

Ambient Drone Soundscape

Gardens Of Delirium
by Motorpig

Ambient Drone Soundscape

by Snufmumriko

Soundscape Ambient Drone

They Glistened Sharply Through Morning Dew
by Robert Farrugia

Ambient Soundscape Drone

In Between
by Marcus Beuter & Toni Dimitrov

Ambient Soundscape Improvisation

Through the Hills
by Various Artists

Ambient Drone Soundscape

Post Global Trio
by Post Global Trio

Soundscape Drone Field Recordings

Fragmented Pianos
by Mikael Lind

Ambient Modern Classical