PICPACK location — Russia
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About netlabel

PICPACK - independent noncommercial net-label. We advance the experimental music which has been not limited by settled genres.
PICPACK - независимый некоммерческий интернет-лейбл. Мы продвигаем экспериментальную музыку, не скованную рамками устоявшихся жанров.


PICPACK releases

Любовь С Одного Удара
by Longman

Rock Psychedelic Experimental

Prokofiev Dreams
by Sun-Inside

IDM Ambient Electronic

Step By Step
by Knolios

Techno Minimal Experimental

by Induction Effect

Electronic Downtempo Experimental

Na sHpilkah

Experimental Noise Electronic

Astro Naut
by Pen Parker

IDM Ambient Electronic

by Knolios

Dub Techno Electronic Experimental

Stable Screen
by Pen Parker

IDM Ambient Electronic

Goat Sheep Goat
by Biting Eye

Techno Dub Techno Experimental

Lo Studio del Rettile
by F-Zer0

Ambient Experimental Drone

by Diropel

Ambient Atmospheric Experimental

I'm Level Four
by Pen Parker

IDM Glitch Electronic

Division By Zero
by Outsider Leisure

Experimental Psychedelic Electronica

by Pen Parker

Glitch IDM Experimental

Сны Митасова
by Outsider Leisure

Experimental Electronica Psychedelic

by Pen Parker

IDM Ambient Electronic

Hate Is A Verb
by Outsider Leisure

Psychedelic Experimental Electronic

by TwichGarden

IDM Ambient Electronic

North Noise
by North Noise

Electronic Experimental Ambient

Under The Basеboard
by Dead Frank

Experimental Improvisation Jazz