phonocake location — Dresden
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About netlabel

Phonocake is distributing the music of mostly unknown artists from Dresden/Germany and around, as well as some releases by friends from all over the world, for instance Modul from Russia, Phundamental from Latvia and Tinitus from Uruguay.

Most of the artists we distribute do not have a professional musical relation, but an intense passion for music, mostly for more than 10 years or longer, so you can expect good electronic music in the fields of IDM, Chiptune, Downbeat, Electronica and everything, that is mixed out of that. We wish you enjoyable listening-events.

phonocake releases

The Brown Book
by Digi G'Alessio

Bass Downtempo Chiptune

by Trans Alp

Dub Electronica Downtempo

by 505

Electronica Downtempo Chiptune

by Mr. Incognito

Space Broken Beat Melodic

Clouds leave no trace
by D-Fried

Ambient Electronica

3130351volt EP
by Kryptic Universe

Avant-garde Electronica Space