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About netlabel

Pawlacz Perski Tapes is a Toruń (Poland) based netlabel, which goal is free distribution of musical recordings of the representatives of the local underground. The first one to go are albums of Fischerle and Owczy Pęd - the founders of the netlabel, who together form the duo named Porcje Rosołowe. In the near future we can count on the revelation of as well young and venerable artists. Music that merges this project is characterized by crossing of the divisions of species. But to determine somehow the course of the netlabel’s aesthetic azimuth, below is a list of important categories for us and the names of music genres. These are: experiment, minimalism, noise, dub, techno, post-rock, avant-garde, no-wave, freakfolk. An important element of our interest is also free improvisation with the help of which we want to integrate Toruń's scene. The effects of unexpected events will find their place in a special serie of Pawlacz Perski Tapes.

pawlacz perski tapes releases

by paide

Field Recordings

Kronika pogańska
by Perpetual Motion Food

Experimental Ambient

Self-help audio, my perfect date
by Szubrawy Kot

Glitch Ambient Experimental

For Robert Smithson
by Jeremy Spill

Drone Minimal Techno

There was a great gnashing of teeth
by Zamulan

Minimal Techno

Live at your bedroom
by Poszmeg

Avant-garde Noise Psychedelic

Home & Pillow
by The Wig Orchestra

Noise Drone Acoustic