Liminal RECS

Liminal RECS location — Russia
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About netlabel

Liminal Recs is a Russian electronic net-label that delivers various indie music with ever-increasing quality - ambient, experimental, idm, trip-hop, downtempo, minimal, dark ambient, noise, and others.
Label is also known for the "Liminality" - the Silent Hill inspired album series where composers make music inspired by the works of Akira Yamaoka for Silent Hill. The "Liminal" term describes many things about the label as well, and most obvious is blending of genres and styles into liminal condition.

Liminal RECS releases

by Melatonin

Experimental IDM Downtempo

My Darling
by Lunatick


Iced over
by Wialenove

Ambient Atmospheric Minimal

by Abstracode

Downtempo Trip-Hop Experimental

by Densi

Experimental Atmospheric Glitch

by Medkit


Mantra II ~ See You In The Outer Space
by Wialenove

Ambient Drone Experimental

Mantra I ~ You Came From The Rainbow
by Wialenove

Ambient Glitch Experimental

Mantra 0 ~ Muzan No Bi (Beauty Without Mercy)
by Wialenove

Ambient Glitch Experimental