Community & Independent Non Profit Record Label. Houses albums by contemporary independent artists from around the Universe. Recorded-Produced by traveler studio "CARACOLmusicalestudio"
Onorezdi Logotype


Onorezdi is a non-profit/profit net-label subdivision of Verezani Records. All releases are available through free downloads.
DashDashDashRecords, Logotype


Started in 2012. Dash Dash Dash records is a small netlabel for electronic, emo, indie, and any other kind of music.
Groovecaffe Netlabel Logotype

Groovecaffe Netlabel

Independent netlabel, home of releases that cross the spectrum of electronic genres. Active since 2006. Logotype

We are a network of hacks, photographers, writers, sound and web designers. We want to connect art with art... We want to be part of a movement which adores the freedom of music and maintains it…
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MarsMelons is an indie-label for experimental music. Our releases cover a great range of genres from a diverse group of musicians.
pritone label Logotype

pritone label

Live sounding releases. Real Indie
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Yo[U-Turn] is a Netlabel blog where you can find all the links of various bands' free downloads.
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1485kHz records

1485kHz records is an any-experimental music netlabel.
Interplanetary Floral Star Records Logotype

Interplanetary Floral Star Records

Interplanetary Floral Star Records is a Baltimore based music netlabel. We feature music in a varying range of genres and instruments, from the didjeridoo to 8-bit Chiptune creations.
Burning Cicada, Ltd. Logotype

Burning Cicada, Ltd.

Music easily speaks for, and takes on a life of its own which of course must be shared to have effect, relevance, and epiphany. Music of course can be made and never known, but for us it is wearing that face, looking up, and having others see us for who we are and the places we have known. Thank you for giving it relevance to your own life experience in the listening.
Rain Netlabel Logotype

Rain Netlabel

Melancholy, oneiric, nihilistic, dreamy, rainy, sleepy music.
Airbagpromo Rec. Logotype

Airbagpromo Rec.

Netlabel > South Tyrol/Italy. Our releases are for free. Enjoy (:
4-4-2 Music Logotype

4-4-2 Music

4-4-2 Music skirts the perimeters of electronic, indi-pop and abstract stylings without any genre specific identity.
Copyleft Records Logotype

Copyleft Records

Copyleft Records features music by talented artists from all over the world. Everything from punk to folk to electronica can be found on our label.
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90 out of 100 people who like frogs also like this netlabel. FACT!
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Rack & Ruin records

Rack & Ruin records was formed on April 1st 2008. Rack & Ruin, is a non-profit Netherlands based netlabel, which focuses on indiepop, electronica, ambient, and experimental or crossover music from around the world.