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A place for music and various other things
Electron Emitter Logotype

Electron Emitter

We are the label of subtle and complex creative electronic music.
Mangled Music Records Logotype

Mangled Music Records

Mangled Music Records is an experimental electronic music label that covers a wide variety of genres. Each artist has a unique sound, and we have a heavy focus on collaboration
Cota303 Records Logotype

Cota303 Records

Cota303 Records is the place where independent artists are exploring modern electronic sound tools and methods to generate virtual music for future.
Briokids Recordings Logotype

Briokids Recordings

Briokids Recordings is a Texas based record label/artist collective formed in 1999 that specializes in odd/experimental electronic music and other forms of aggressive media.
Ground202 Logotype


Ground202 presents non-profit community that distributes and share electronic music (Ambient, Electronica, IDM, Experimental etc.) that is released under a Creative Commons license.


MNMN RECORDS - некоммерческий интернет-лейбл, направленный на распространение и продвижение экспериментальной музыки различных жанров.
Illusion project Logotype

Illusion project

Illusion project is a new electronic music label dedicated to the sounds of IDM, Triphop, 2Step, Ambient, Breakcore and other similar genres.
Brusio Netlabel Logotype

Brusio Netlabel

Italian Experimental Electronic Music Netlabel
Expert Recordings Logotype

Expert Recordings

Это лейбл создан для продвижения молодых талантливых музыкантов для реализации бесплатных диджитал релизов и альбомов.
Weed Tune Logotype

Weed Tune

Eclectic label with weed tune sound.
SOLANIC Logotype


Solanic is a electronic music and visual art netlabel established in 2011 as a vehicle to find innovative artists in the electronic music and visual art.
Xtraplex Records Logotype

Xtraplex Records

Xtraplex Records is a chokepoint of creative morphic resonances from contemporary audio manipulators and sound designers. We try not to think in genres or scenes, hard or slow, we just try to deliver deep emotional electronix designed in an effort to excite your geniculate ganglion.
Multiic Logotype


Multiic - experimental music netlabel (Russia).
PICPACK Logotype


PICPACK - independent noncommercial net-label. We advance the experimental music which has been not limited by settled genres.
Section 27 Logotype

Section 27

Section 27 is Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 Licensed.
Lost Elements Logotype

Lost Elements

Lost Elements Netlabel is a small non-profit dissemination point for underground electronic music.
Stato Elettrico Netlabel Logotype

Stato Elettrico Netlabel

Stato Elettrico is an Italian netlabel for electronic music, based in Rome.
17 Sons Records Logotype

17 Sons Records

=|= Electronic musics and sound projects based on predetermined arrangements involving man / machine / software interactions. =|=
NenormalizM Records Logotype

NenormalizM Records

Hello, we Nenormalizm Records, a young ambitious net-label from the post-Soviet space. We are releasing music in such genres as IDM, glitch, braindance, ambient and more.