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Shaloma Muzik Recordings

Shaloma Muzik Recordings is a young and vibrant urban music netlabel and recording scheme, based in Cape Town, South Africa. It is home to artists, Tha Real U, Jay King, Lil' Stewy, The Essence, Khanyi Mjodo, Gowty Nikarado and Boss.
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Onorezdi is a non-profit/profit net-label subdivision of Verezani Records. All releases are available through free downloads.
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Black Guy Music

Black Guy Music is a US based Netlabel, featuring mainly the works of DJ Black Guy A.K.A Guy Blackwell the 3rd,Blackatron ,Black Guy Music and Action Blackson
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> soulvibes heartbeats <
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Num Num Nah Records

Experimental multimedia label in the genres of Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronica
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Since 1997 Kreislauf recommends and publishes electronic music beyond commerce and drawers
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From hip hip to black metal, from folk to dance. Genre isn't important, only good music and friendship.
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LBO Production

Independent label LBO Production is created with support of Creative Group «KASKAD MUSIC» and radio stations Bitmake Online. We are engaged in advancement, manufacture and distribution of releases in a format mp3. The preference is given to all subgenres music hip-hop.
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NoEcho Records

Warsaw based label/netlabel focused mainly on electronic and experimental music.

moods plateau

netlabel and digital art platform - demoscene crew
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Música Vermella

barcelona_berlin · .'_ electronic music & graphic artworks netlabel *
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Audiobulb Records

Audiobulb Records is an exploratory music label designed to promote creativity in all its forms. Audiobulb releases artist works on CD & download formats as well as multimedia works, VST (virtual instruments), audio hardware and other creative tools.