God's Underground Frequency Terminal

God's Underground Frequency Terminal location — Heaven
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About netlabel

An independent netlabel full of pixels and fuzzy love.

We are supporting Notorious Nerds, Godly Creatures, Forgotten Heroes, Insiders' Tips, Underrated Geniuses, Chiptune Champions
Muddy Undergrounders, Money-Burners, Nintendo-Nerds, Uncommercial Stars, Hopeless Artists and Independent Minds.

Hosted by God. Who created the blog mainly for underground reviews.


God's Underground Frequency Terminal releases

Spiritual Blackout
by Infirm Individual

Electro Rap

Unreleased Monstrosities
by Infirm Individual


Back To 1994
by Infirm Individual

Electro Ambient

by Infirm Individual

Chiptune Rock

Mum, I'm Sick ... I Must Stay Home
by Infirm Individual

Chiptune Electro

Airplane At Night: 8 Movements
by Monovfox

8-bit Ambient Classical

The Healer
by Infirm Individual

8-bit Minimal Ambient

by The Leechhead

Noise Drone Electronica

The Best Of 2009-2011: King Lightmare
by Infirm Individual

IDM 8-bit Experimental

Bad Vugum
by Kimosabbe

Noise Psychedelic Folklore