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Depth Recordings

Depth Recordings location — Cyberspace
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About netlabel

Depth came about in 2003, when Brandon Plank and Eric Bernal decided to start putting out material on their own label. Friends since 1997, the duo djed parties and clubs all over northern California and then in Denver, CO, when both relocated there. Brandon moved up to Seattle, while Eric is still in Denver, giving the two a larger area to promote themselves to. The focus of the record label is that of digital downloading, since both agree that the future of music is in digital form.

Depth Recordings is the very definition of ‘green’; we’re all digital, so there are no CDs, vinyl or even paperwork to pollute or use fossil fuels! Our website is hosted by a company that uses 100% wind power, so we believe we’re offering the best to the public, with the least impact possible on the planet.

In addition to our 'Depth' catalogue, we also offer the 'SUBDEPTH' release, which are deeper than deep, off the beaten path, or unofficial releases (bootlegs).


Depth Recordings releases

Crown Upon Me EP
by Zuko

Tech House Deep House

White Label Techno
by Ze German


Plank’s Bootlegs Vol. 2
by Various

Techno Minimal Glitch

Atombomb EP
by Håkan Lidbo

Tech House

Plank’s Bootlegs
by Various

Techno Tech House Deep House

House Nation 2009
by Brandon Plank vs. The House Master Boyz

Techno Tech House

Entspannung (relaxation)
by BP

IDM Ambient Broken Beat

by Brandon Plank

Minimal Techno Tech House

What Music Is EP
by Jason Blakemore

Techno Tech House Breakcore

Conspiracy EP
by Eric.B

Techno Minimal Tech House

Deepovers EP
by Brandon Plank

Minimal Techno Tech House

Frankenbrow EP
by The Missing Link

Minimal Techno

Benadryl Brownie EP
by Alland Byallo

Tech House

Introductions EP
by Brandon Plank & Eric.B

Tech House