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Da ! Heard It Records

Da ! Heard It Records location — Paris
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About netlabel

Da ! Heard it Records, created in 2006, is a net-label touching on Toyz-Pop, Electro Trash, Chiptune, Breakcore and Electro Punk among others, with a heavy leaning towards 8-bit music and pixel/net art.

The aim of this eclectic record company is to promote new artists and new types if music. D!HR is an outward-looking label, accessible to professional and amateur musicians alike, and to all types of listener, thanks to its policy of open and free culture and to the types of music it publishes.

Its albums are distributed under a Creative Commons licence, encouraging sharing and reuse of the music.


Da ! Heard It Records releases

by Pocketmaster

8-bit Chiptune Electro

Mr. Hadopi
by Vicnet


by Puyo Puyo

Electro 8-bit

Kiss The Dolphin
by Eat Rabbit

8-bit Mash-up Electro

by Tom Woxom

Chiptune 8-bit Electro

The Awarennes Of Raving Rabbit
by [gûyöm]

IDM Electro

by Sidabitball

8-bit Chiptune