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Copyleft Records

Copyleft Records location — New York
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About netlabel

We provide all of our artists' music to everyone for free, in the hopes that if you enjoy what you hear, you might feel inclined to donate to the artist. The donation buttons on the artist pages of our website lead directly to a Paypal account set up by the artist, with no involvement of the label so you know that the artist is receiving 100% of the donation.

While we are certainly fighting to bring an end to the war on music piracy, We're also looking to dispel the myth that if there is no money being made on recordings, then nobody will create music anymore (a view I've seen shared by artists and labels alike). This label and the music on it is proof that there are talented people out there who create and share freely even when there is no financial guarantee.

We are constantly looking for more great artists so keep checking back. Click the "Contact Us" link on our website for details on how to contact us, as well as links to Copyleft Records on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Finally (and perhaps most importantly), if you like what you hear from the musicians here PLEASE consider donating to the artists to show your appreciation. Remember, the artists receive 100% of any and all donations directed at their paypal accounts.


Copyleft Records releases

Empty Vessels
by Isaac Graham

Acoustic Rock Punk