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Bypass Netlabel location — China
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About netlabel

Bypass Netlabel is an independent internet record label which was founded by audio engineer ZhangJW in 2008 and located in the Beijing city, China. We are interested in offer originality and art-forms of electronica music. (But actually there we always offend ourselves releasing defined :)

So far Bypass got almost half hundred releases genres covered included Ambient, Chiptune, Experimental, IDM, Trip-Hop or Field recording. We respect that every artists who working seriously for free-music and sound creating, that is one of important things for us. The other one would be electronic music anyway.

Bypass Netlabel releases

Jazl Mnstr
by Enko

Electronic IDM Experimental

Calico Pastry Sunshine
by Cagey House

Electronic Abstract Psychedelic

by Enko