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Briokids Recordings

Briokids Recordings location — Texas USA
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About netlabel

Briokids Recordings is a Texas based record label/artist collective formed in 1999 that specializes in breakcore, drum and bass, breakbeat, idm, experimental electronic music and other forms of aggressive media.

Briokids Recordings is named after the children disfigured by the toxic runoff from the Brio Superfund Site located on FM 1959/Dixie Farm Rd outside of Houston, Texas and just down the road from the childhood homes of the two founders. Since it's inception in 1999, Briokids mission has been to create odd and experimental music and expose the general public to it in the form of free media. All Briokids releases are available for free download at

* Ickoo
* Virus B-23
* Nickycool
* Budlins
* Trash
* Subte>
* 999
* Baby Jaundice
* Hungry Garbage

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Briokids Recordings releases

The Pussification of America
by Ickoo

Breakcore Drum and Bass Jungle

Negative Ohms
by Ickoo

Breakcore Drum and Bass Trip-Hop

A Breath of Fresh Air
by Briokids

Breakcore Drum and Bass IDM

Over 20 Million Served
by Adolf Stalin

Experimental Noise

Failure & Regret
by Briokids

Drum and Bass Breakcore IDM

Straight Outta Brio
by Los Brios Niños

Breakcore Drum and Bass IDM

The Ward
by Datathinner

IDM Glitch

All This Noise Shit Is Making Me Sick
by Ickoo

Breakcore Jungle Noise

Self Destruction Is The Answer
by Trash

Breakcore Drum and Bass Experimental

The Deadnunwoo
by Ickoo

Trip-Hop Chillout Downtempo

Texas is 4 Pussies!!!
by Briokids Vs. TLWT

Experimental Breakcore Jungle

The Ricki Lake is a K.U.N.T. e.p.
by Brio Site Task Force

Drum and Bass Electronic IDM

Fufu's From Da' Bulu
by Ickoo

Breakcore Drum and Bass Jungle

I Wanna Huff Mountain Fresh Glade 'Til I Can't Distinguish My Emotions
by Virus B-23

Experimental Breakcore Jungle

The Gentle Balls of iCK00
by Ickoo

Experimental Breakcore Jungle