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About netlabel

Most net labels (to be taken as criticism) try to find coherence, a personality to the name under which they goup. This is generally solved editing similar music, or with a similar intention. Audio:808 is no exception, we do try to generate a certain kind of sound, but it's not really very defined, it's not limited to a couple of adjectives. Music of very different genre may be deeply connected by crossings really difficult to explain from rationality. This is how we want to work, finding unconscious connections within a certain conjugation of chords, a certain melody, a certain rhythm in a certain context, etc.
First there's the pop factor, understanding pop as a conciliatory manifestation through sounds, chords, melodies or rhythms that end up in common places to make music accessible.
Then there's electronica, understanding electronica as a mean of development and expression, a computer, a laptop, internet, digital audio players etc.
The spirit of punk, that has taught us that it's attitude and not technique that leads the subject to sublimation, concretion of the expression here and now.
The sampler, as the tool that has definitely broken the paradigm of how music should be created, breaking traditional schemes of teaching and turning the musician from a technical subject to an aesthetic subject.
Ambient, for manifesting the verb "to contextualize", meaning, creating music for a certain functional situation thinking of the ability of the subject.
Maybe with this words we can trace a profile of the crossings in our fusion intention, we hope to succeed, or at least, get a few downloads with it/

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