Laptop Hooligans/Anti-Film Logotype

Laptop Hooligans/Anti-Film

Laptop Hooligans net label started in 2011 by the sound & vision artist ETHNOMITE PUX. It has collaborated with Sirona Records (Fr), NonProFit net label, Lobit, Cubiculo Noise Recordings, Effluvia Recordings, Rainbowdiving Butterflies, Lpnl, Genetic Trance, Kermesse Records, The Hummingbird Necrophile (Fr) and Mindblasting.
Expert Recordings Logotype

Expert Recordings

Это лейбл создан для продвижения молодых талантливых музыкантов для реализации бесплатных диджитал релизов и альбомов.
Xtraplex Records Logotype

Xtraplex Records

Xtraplex Records is a chokepoint of creative morphic resonances from contemporary audio manipulators and sound designers. We try not to think in genres or scenes, hard or slow, we just try to deliver deep emotional electronix designed in an effort to excite your geniculate ganglion.
PICPACK Logotype


PICPACK - independent noncommercial net-label. We advance the experimental music which has been not limited by settled genres.
Fusion Netlabel Logotype

Fusion Netlabel

Experimental, Glitch-Hop, IDM.
Label Cuntroll  Logotype

Label Cuntroll

Cuntroll - international music label & promo group.
Sacramental record label Logotype

Sacramental record label

"The sacred balance of thought" REC Label founded the founder of Sergiy Sokolov 07/04/2010
Burning Cicada, Ltd. Logotype

Burning Cicada, Ltd.

Music easily speaks for, and takes on a life of its own which of course must be shared to have effect, relevance, and epiphany. Music of course can be made and never known, but for us it is wearing that face, looking up, and having others see us for who we are and the places we have known. Thank you for giving it relevance to your own life experience in the listening.
Schoenermusic Logotype


The netlabel Schoenermusic (1999-2011) consisted of several artists from southwest Germany trying to establish a composing style they call Tsunami.
4-4-2 Music Logotype

4-4-2 Music

4-4-2 Music skirts the perimeters of electronic, indi-pop and abstract stylings without any genre specific identity.
FeedbackLoop Label Logotype

FeedbackLoop Label

We want to release music that lasts one year, ten years, a lifetime, and that gives its listeners always a good reason to get back to it and also to promote as much as possible the artists that produce that music. We are interested in the sensations that music transmits, its richness and its versatility.