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Depth Recordings

Launched in 2003, Depth Recordings focuses on techno, minimal and tech house, but basically anything of depth.
monoKraK Logotype


monoKraK is a swiss netlabel founded in 2006. The style is mainly oriented deep minimal techno and ambient.
Schwarzweiss Musik Logotype

Schwarzweiss Musik

Schwarzweiss Musik is a german netlabel that focusses on releasing high quality club music from house to techno. Schwarzweiss Musik is only releasing music of family and close or not so close friends.

Rendering Again
by MegaHast3r

Electronic Techno

Inside The Box
by Art Electronix

Techno Minimal IDM

truth, untruth ep
by Antias

Dub Techno Techno Electronic

Backwards EP
by (029)


Road to Nauta
by a_000

Techno Trance

by (029)


by Ministik

Techno IDM

Drive EP
by EE7A

Techno Minimal Electronic

Kaspar Nemo
by InSpectr

IDM Dub Techno Techno

Beats And Stabs And Kick In Four
by Fingerflood

Dub Techno IDM

by Rizke


Under The Shadow
by Langax

Electronic Techno

global ep
by zelde743

Techno Dub Techno Electronic

symbolism ep
by iiney

Dub Techno Techno Electronic

the dub chapter one / the micro compilation
by 'Various Artists

Dub Techno Techno Electronic

by Vate

Electronic Electro Techno

Short Message Service
by KiB

Techno Experimental

A Catastrophic Calamity
by Post Apocalyptic Zombie

Industrial Noise Techno

Low Level Security
by MegaHast3r

Electronic Techno

Split- The Remixes
by Various Artists

Noise Techno Experimental