Tech House

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Depth Recordings Logotype

Depth Recordings

Launched in 2003, Depth Recordings focuses on techno, minimal and tech house, but basically anything of depth.
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Schwarzweiss Musik

Schwarzweiss Musik is a german netlabel that focusses on releasing high quality club music from house to techno. Schwarzweiss Musik is only releasing music of family and close or not so close friends.
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Sgustok Music

Sgustok Music is a Belarusian label founded in 2008 by twin brothers Denis Kovalev and Dmitry Kovalev. It is a new branch of Sgustok Magazine which will carry out the main support of the label. Sgustok Music is a platform for the musicians from all the continents. It gives the opportunity to deliver one's musical experiments to listeners.
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GARGANRECORDS - Netlabel for electronic music

Remix One
by Mr.Dee

Minimal Techno Tech House

Deep-X: 4 Years
by Various

Minimal Tech House Techno

It's Time EP
by Alexander Opium

Tech House Minimal

Kukufs EP
by Faris

Tech House Minimal

Index LP
by Fcode

Tech House Minimal

Allum Sound
by Micronoise Paranoic Sound

Tech House Deep Melodic

The Return Of Plastic EP
by Seamless Plastic

Minimal Tech House

Evil Never Die
by Suntetic & Sasha Makin

Minimal Tech House

by Mr Kaidzu

Minimal Deep Tech House

Geko EP
by eM

Tech House Minimal

Simple F EP
by Sasha Shiyan

Tech House

Mysticism EP
by Rafa

Minimal Tech House

Star Inspiration LP
by Ilisho Groupe

Tech House Minimal Techno

Take Five

Tech House Minimal Melodic

Cyan Clouds
by Various Artists

Electronic Techno Tech House

La Maniera EP
by Micronoise Paranoic Sound

Melodic Techno Tech House

Genry's Work EP
by Xen Mayer

Tech House Minimal

Pan!c EP
by Anthony Bomber

Minimal Techno Tech House

by R&J emp

Tech House Minimal Techno

2012: The ERA LP
by R&J emp

Minimal Techno Tech House