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Sun Station Logotype

Sun Station

Sun Station exists to provide a solid new media platform for the development of electronic music talents in Russia and beyond.
Digital Diamonds Logotype

Digital Diamonds

Digital Diamonds is a free netlabel focusing on high quality electronic music. Featuring both - newcomers and well-known artists, Digital Diamonds offers deep techno and trance music with soul. The idea is to locate amazing music and make it available to a huge crowd, cost-free and legal.
Nostress Netlabel Logotype

Nostress Netlabel

Psychedelic | Space / Post Rock | Electronic / Electroacoustic

The Farewell
by PK Jazz Collective

Downtempo Psychedelic Indie Rock

Dead Grooves
by Selectone

Drone Psychedelic Experimental

Pickle Juice

Psychedelic Trip-Hop

Excursio Numerus Centum Vol 4 (90min/ephetape)

Dub Techno Psychedelic Experimental

Excursio Numerus Centum Vol 2 (60min/ephetape)

Breakbeat Tech House Psychedelic

Red​-​Headed Woman
by PK Jazz Collective

Psychedelic Downtempo Indie Rock

Снопы Параной
by Гладилин-Булгаков-Самохин

Psychedelic Electronic Indie Rock

The Secret Door
by Rynerocs

Indietronica Psychedelic Electronic

Midnight Paradise
by Araphel Ben Shachar

Chillout Electronic Psychedelic

Музыкальные Вибрации
by Константин Зед

Psychedelic Rock

Unpredictable Feelings
by PK Jazz Collective

Downtempo Psychedelic Indie Rock

Over the Rail

Funky Beat Psychedelic

by The Gateless Gate

Ambient Psychedelic

Shades Of Grey
by Pk jazz Collective & Alex Fry

Psychedelic Nu Jazz Electronic

spionaggio in onde corte
by A.S.T.ral

Psychedelic Electronic Experimental

by PK Jazz Collective

Nu Jazz Psychedelic Electronic

Noisydrina Volume 4

Techno Psychedelic Tech House

I'm changing myself
by Pk jazz Collective & Alex Fry

Psychedelic Rock

by Projekt Luty

Rock Psychedelic Garage

Burning House
by Burning House

Rock Psychedelic