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"Clinical Archives is about expanding the definition of music"
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CerebralAudio is an imprint of the CerebralRift website. We strive to release new material that feeds the mind across all styles audio. There are no restrictions to what we will consider, however each release has to be of a quality level that is (as yet) undefined.

The Active Side Of Infinity
by Longman

Electronic Jazz Post Rock

by Marco Mestichella

Vocals Jazz Indie Rock

Triple Connection
by Gotesman Razin Mikryukov

Jazz Improvisation Avant-garde

by Foundation Quartet

Jazz Improvisation Experimental

Cockroach Races
by Longman

Electronic Dub Jazz

Vertical Theory
by Frank Wilke / Andrè D.

Improvisation Jazz Experimental

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame
by Стол-Стул-Стены

Improvisation Jazz Avant-garde

The Situationists
by The Fucked Up Beat

Trip-Hop Experimental Jazz

Made in Blue
by Jody Pou

Jazz Classical

Hate It Or Love It (DJ Black Guy Remix)
by Game feat 50 Cent

Hip-Hop Jazz Chillout

the Breath
by Geometrie Variabili

Acoustic Improvisation Jazz

Waltzes For The Occasion Of A Lifetime
by Proyect? Moone Jazzers

Acoustic Jazz Chillout

Branches That Glow
by Aairria

Drone Experimental Jazz

Akhenaten's Dream
by Longman

Trip-Hop Electronica Jazz

Shetar dy Petar
by Viktar Siamashka

Electronic Jazz Improvisation

by Sergi Boal

Acoustic Jazz Guitar

by Sergi Boal

Jazz Acoustic Improvisation

December last poems
by Claudio Nunez

Acoustic Jazz

by Leedian

Jazz Experimental Noise

Cold Strike
by Proyect? Moone Jazzers

Jazz Instrumental Modern Classical