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"Clinical Archives is about expanding the definition of music"
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CerebralAudio is an imprint of the CerebralRift website. We strive to release new material that feeds the mind across all styles audio. There are no restrictions to what we will consider, however each release has to be of a quality level that is (as yet) undefined.

Jazz Frit
by Melinda & Maciek


Improvisations 2014
by Jazzdefector

Ambient Jazz Improvisation

Plays The Music Of Cacil Taylor And Steve Lacy
by Longman

Improvisation Experimental Jazz

by Longman

Jazz Improvisation Experimental

We jammed on our little green aircraft
by Natalia Kamia Stewart Miller and other invisible entities

Experimental Improvisation Jazz

by Marco Colonna

Improvisation Experimental Jazz

Live At Cavallerizza Irreale
by Giacomo Salis/Paolo Sanna Percussion Duo

Jazz Experimental Improvisation

by Alen Grassi

Experimental Improvisation Jazz

by Sadhana

Experimental Improvisation Jazz

Life Inconvenience
by Forefront

Improvisation Experimental Jazz

by Paulo Chagas Paulo Duarte And Fernando Simões

Jazz Improvisation Experimental

by Giorgio Distante Jack D'Amico And Walter Forestiere

Improvisation Experimental Jazz

Things left unsaid
by Samurau

Improvisation Instrumental Jazz

he and other both creatures
by Horiso

Jazz Acoustic Electronic

The House That Freud Built
by S.Bobrytskyy & M.Paramzin


Frequency Jazz
by The Orchestra of Mirrored Reflections

Ambient Jazz

All In One & Duo Recital
by Marcello Magliocchi

Improvisation Experimental Jazz

Under The Basеboard
by Dead Frank

Experimental Improvisation Jazz

The Active Side Of Infinity
by Longman

Electronic Jazz Post Rock

by Marco Mestichella

Vocals Jazz Indie Rock