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Bypass Netlabel Logotype

Bypass Netlabel

Bypass Netlabel is an independent internet record label which was founded by audio engineer ZhangJW in 2008 and located in the Beijing city, China.

IDMF Netlabel

The IDMf Netlabel is a gathering of like minded artists & people fueled with a passion for Electronic Music, Sound Design & Glitch. We are in handshake with IDMforums.com; the premiere Electronic Music Production forum specializing in dance and experimental music. The Netlabel operates parallel to IDMforums to bring you the brightest talent from the underground scene.
Hipi Duki Muzik Logotype

Hipi Duki Muzik

HIPI DUKI MUZIK is a rec & net label based in Barcelona & Buenos Aires. Created in 2008, HIPI DUKI MUZIK aims to put a public spotlight on the diverse and impressive talents of its artists.We work as a d.i.y.namic platform for creative projects and artistic production, focused on contemporary music and sound & visual design.
Archaic Horizon Logotype

Archaic Horizon

Archaic Horizon is an electronic music netlabel, formed to promote and distribute the work of independent musicians. We are a collective of like-minded artists with the aptitude to share our creativity.

Свободнее Птиц

Experimental Improvisation Post Rock

Live At Cavallerizza Irreale
by Giacomo Salis/Paolo Sanna Percussion Duo

Jazz Experimental Improvisation

by Thuoom

Experimental Ambient Electronic

Into The Rift Volume Two
by Various Artists

Ambient Experimental

Black Medicine
by Room of Wires

Electronic Downtempo Experimental

by Nonima

Electronic Experimental Glitch

Take Off And Learning
by MiDiLe

Noise Glitch Experimental

Sectioned v6.0
by Various Artists

Electronica IDM Experimental

by Nacho Jaula

Experimental Improvisation Field Recordings

Dynamic Equilibrium
by METEK And Artificial Memory Trace

Experimental Abstract Field Recordings

by Alen Grassi

Experimental Improvisation Jazz

Genetic Transplant
by Hypercube

Abstract Experimental Electronic

by Alejandro Rojas-Marcos David Area And Tomás Gris

Experimental Improvisation Electronic

Medžių Kapai
by KiB

Electronic Experimental Abstract

Studies On Event​-​density
by Wenig Duo

Experimental Improvisation Electronic

Ephedrina+Spettro=6 (Vol 1)

Beat Experimental Abstract

American Black
by Leon Lamont

Experimental IDM Drum and Bass

Bubblegum Ape Law
by Leon Lamont

Drum and Bass Experimental Jungle

Results May Vary
by Soma Happiens

Electronic Chillout Experimental


Avant-garde Experimental