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IDMF Netlabel

The IDMf Netlabel is a gathering of like minded artists & people fueled with a passion for Electronic Music, Sound Design & Glitch. We are in handshake with IDMforums.com; the premiere Electronic Music Production forum specializing in dance and experimental music. The Netlabel operates parallel to IDMforums to bring you the brightest talent from the underground scene.
Hipi Duki Muzik Logotype

Hipi Duki Muzik

HIPI DUKI MUZIK is a rec & net label based in Barcelona & Buenos Aires. Created in 2008, HIPI DUKI MUZIK aims to put a public spotlight on the diverse and impressive talents of its artists.We work as a d.i.y.namic platform for creative projects and artistic production, focused on contemporary music and sound & visual design.
Dystopiaq Logotype


Dystopiaq is a netlabel that was established in Columbus, Ohio in 2008 by Incentive and members of O.B.B.B.M:\/. Currently based in Pittsburgh and Tokyo.
Clinical Archives Logotype

Clinical Archives

"Clinical Archives is about expanding the definition of music"

Necktar 2017 volume 9
by Various Artists

Avant-garde Electronic Experimental

by Thuoom

Experimental Electronic IDM

Invasive voices
by Pablo Ribot

Experimental Electronic Abstract

NN 6th Anniversary Compilation: "The Bored Tingling Of The Immortal Humanoid"
by 'Various Artists

Electronic Experimental

Pointless Orbits
by David M. Paganin

Electronic Experimental Dark Ambient

The Easy Fantasy
by Luis Marte

Experimental Electronic Improvisation

Maddest Sanity
by eww

Drum and Bass Electronic

by Yvan Poisson

Downtempo Electronic Bass

Les Anecdotes Polyedriques

Electronic Avant-garde Ambient

by Walter Fini & nobodisoundz

Electronic Experimental

by Incentive

Industrial Electronic IDM

by Beat Keller And Darius Ciuta

Experimental Minimal Electronic

Live Split 2016

Electronic Improvisation

by Csum and Sacha Rush

IDM Electronic Abstract

The meeting
by Air Protection Office and Hoopoe

Electronic IDM Ambient

Low Level Security
by MegaHast3r

Electronic Techno

Sandstorm Under The Couch
by Various Artists

Experimental Noise Electronic

Poética Ignífuga
by Zebenzui González And José Guillén

Experimental Improvisation Electronic

Thoughts Becoming (Other) Things
by Glenn Sogge / Boson Spin

Atmospheric Electronic Ambient

Selected EBM Works 2016
by На 100 Процентов Отмудоханная Бабуля

Electronic Techno