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Kundo Records Logotype

Kundo Records

Kundo Records is Prague based digital label formed by Petr Omacka, Jan Kloss & Lukas Sochor. It's nothing, but sweet home for soulful & chilled vibes of all the electronic & accoustic genres which could be generally categorised as Atmopsheric, Jazzy & Intelligent.
Soft Phase Logotype

Soft Phase

Soft Phase is a new netlabel, which distribute freely downloadable, Creative Commons licensed music on the internet. We aim to seek and provide you with exclusive releases of quality music, from artists who are dedicated and passionate about their work, without staring the genres too much.
Passage Netlabel Logotype

Passage Netlabel

Passage is an ambient sub-division of Fragment netlabel established in 2009. The main course is to explore the deepest and most charming forms of abstract musical expression.
Hipi Duki Muzik Logotype

Hipi Duki Muzik

HIPI DUKI MUZIK is a rec & net label based in Barcelona & Buenos Aires. Created in 2008, HIPI DUKI MUZIK aims to put a public spotlight on the diverse and impressive talents of its artists.We work as a d.i.y.namic platform for creative projects and artistic production, focused on contemporary music and sound & visual design.

Somber Fuss Experiments
by The Murmurous Playground

Ambient Experimental

Mystical Experimentation
by KeepSleep


by Walter Fini

Electronic Ambient

Erasing Memories
by Carlos Suero

Experimental Ambient Drone

by Fonemi

Ambient Drone

1st August
by Dominic Razlaff

Ambient Drone Minimal

Thank you
by Blaine Redden

Ambient Minimal

Instantes Eternos
by Pardo

Modern Classical Ambient

by El Wud

Ambient Electronic Experimental

by Ṩtrannye Ẏagodi


Electronic and ASMR
by KeepSleep


by Al Tarf

Ambient Drone

by Stephen Briggs

Ambient Psychedelic

Dreams V
by the Picturesque Episodes

Ambient Soundscape Electronic

5 Clocks, 5 Musical Pieces, 1 Museum
by Mauro Sambo

Experimental Abstract Ambient

by Walt Thisney


Curious Thought EP
by Hamunkansu

Ambient Experimental

Midnight ASMR
by KeepSleep


by Divisione di Encke

Drone Ambient

South Late Winter Dream​ / ​My Stars, My Perfect Silence
by Minus Pilots

Post Rock Instrumental Ambient