Feb 17

Big updates is coming

We are currently working on some new features
Stay tuned




Hi. Quite curious about what will come. It's already fine here. = )

19 March 2011, 11:03

I am with Phonocake on this, the site works very well already - but looking forward to what updates will be coming up!

Unfortunately it looks like it's been hit by seo spammers (douglason & cherylmyl) - I have had this alot on the Audiocast Productions site, lots of random keywords in comments :(

29 March 2011, 03:03

Yeah, we had this spammer problem at Phonocake Website too, but created a very simple solution for all our forms. If you are interested, please get in touch with us via our page www.phonocake.org and the form on the contact page there.

2 April 2011, 08:04

Thank you guys!
We are still working on new SS's skills.
And its coming slowly but we are not going to give up :D
Really happy that you enjoying current project phase.

4 April 2011, 12:04